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Omaha SEO Gold Content Strategy Services | $199

Our Gold search engine optimization strategy will get you further in search rankings than alot of online services. When you look at the list of SEO services that we perform in aspect to your campaign you should see the important value in what we offer. Search engine optimization is moving into content strategy. The content that is produce has to be original in order for your site to increas in Google rankings. We can get you to the top of Yahoo and Bing with in a day just by creating and posting your video to high ranking sites. Since Bing and Yahoo pick up new and videos the video that we will produce for you will be ranking in those two search engines automatically generating visibility to your site.


What is Included in the SEO Gold Content Strategy Package?

Really the only things that the search engines would consider important. We include six content rich blog post that will definitely attract attention to your site. I know how to make your blog more engaging to readers and help you develop a stronger readership. Plus you will get free advise on how to improve your website and make it more searchable. An entertaining and engagine video will be produced for your campaign immediately and posted to video upload sites all around the internet ultimately atrracting back links and increasing your sites online visibility. The other SEO services we include into you content strategy is as follows:

Our SEO Gold Content Strategy Increases Online Visibility

The purpose of search engine optimization is to make your website search-able for keywords. So when some one is looking for something that you are selling they find your website. We do a fine job at that by producing original content and link submissions. Our main goal is to make your presence stronger and to reach a broader audience with your services and products. The Gold Content Strategy will do exactly that with the items that are listed above. We will analyze you website and your competitors and tell you exactly what needs to be done for your site to compete for the top ranking position for that keyword or phrase. With video and press releases we garauntee more online visibility, an increase in traffic and more customers.


SEO Gold Content Strategy Package Is Affordable


At $199 the content that would be procuced for your website is a very low price yet it will get you first page visibility in Yahoo and Bing and bring your ranking up in google. The production of original content that we will post around the internet is there forever and no one can ever take that away from you even if it is archived away some where some one can still find it and post it to there site as content giving you a high quality back link. We will produce a HD quality video advertisement for you and your website that should also be embedded to get the maximum effect and to engage your customers with some audio and visual content. Under the Gold Conent Strategy deal we will produce two of these a month for you with no problem, distribute it to video upload sites and have them crawled. That way you can see the immediate results of our efforts when you search for your keyword or phrase.


SEO Gold Content Strategy Gets First Page Results


All of our SEO Content Strategy packages will produce first page results. The purpose of our job as content strategist is to produce the content that is going to rank highly for your website and to continues to poduce it. Month by month you can count on the SEO services at Intellectual Expansionist Marketing to produce you origin and high quality video productions, press releases and content rich blog post which are sure to bring you traffic.


When Will You See Results


As soon as you contract us to search engine optimize your website. We will immediately start developing a content strategy to incrase the integrity of your campaign and implement a concrete strategy to improve it. The Items listed above are just a piece of the work we do to enhance your online visibility. We also include other services that are of no cost to you to make sure that you are getting the results that you pay for. This is strategy and it would'nt work as a strategy if it was not adabtible and not able to change. If something that we are doing or did doesn't not produce the effect that is need to increase online visibility and improve rankings in all three search engines. Then we do what is necessary to make sure that it is. We garantee immediate results from our search engine optimization efforts and can show you current examples to help you make the right decision.